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Dead Voltage Studios is an Independant Graphic Design and Fine Art practice, located in Denmark.

The Artistic Journey

In 2002, Dead Voltage Studios emerged in Copenhagen, kickstarting my artistic journey amid the city's lively streets. As a solo artist, collaborating with clients lies at the heart of my creative process, yielding minimalist works enriched with context.

My portfolio tells a nuanced story, a rhythmic interplay between conceptual and commercial realms, challenging conventions and unveiling diverse perspectives. The fusion of Fine Art and Graphic Design serves as a bridge connecting distinct worlds, embracing drawings, paintings, prints, and the intricate craft of brand building.

Born in 1975 in Iowa, my creative path found its sanctum at the University of Northern Iowa, harmonizing the realms of Drawing and Graphic Design. This Artistic Adventure resonates in every brushstroke, blurring the lines between design and fine art. Join me in this introspective journey, drawing inspiration from the streets and breathing life into a relentless pursuit of creative excellence.


Embrace the Unknown

Creativity thrives in uncertainty; welcome the unexplored and discover the extraordinary within it.


Challenge Conventions

Break free from the shackles of conformity, question norms, and redefine the boundaries of artistic expression.


Build to Inspire Your Clients Client

We are the middleman between two lovers. Our jobs is a help make a match. We are Cyrano, after all.


Cultivate Curiosity

Nurture an insatiable appetite for learning, for it is the seed of inspiration that fuels the imaginative mind.


Fearlessly Fail

Failure is the stepping stone to innovation; let each setback be a lesson and an opportunity to evolve.


Connect Diverse Realms

Fuse seemingly disparate elements to birth new ideas; creativity flourishes at the intersection of different perspectives.


Celebrate Serendipity

Embrace the unexpected and find inspiration in chance encounters; serendipity is a muse that whispers in the unlikeliest of moments.


And Most of All, Share Generously

Creativity is communal; generously share your ideas, collaborate with others, and contribute to the collective pool of inspiration.